We have a simple pricing structure. Measure the length and width of your screen (to the outside of the frame) and multiply those numbers together to find the area. If you are measuring in inches, use the tool below to convert to square feet.

square inch
square foot

Screens up to 3.999 square feet are $20

Screens 4-9.999 square feet are $30

Screens 10-20 square feet are $45, except screen doors

Screen Doors are $60 up to 78″ tall, $85  up to 96″ tall*

*Add $50 to all above prices for pet-resistant screen material for any door up to 96″ tall

We will replace any broken or missing tabs/handles, corners, and/or springs as part of the prices above!

We do not offer removal or installation of screens.

Contact us for a quote for screen or door sizes not listed above.



Add $10 per window to the above prices for any frame repair required when re-screening, such as a bent or dented frame that needs to be replaced.


Add $20 per window to the above prices for custom built window screens up to 9.999 square feet. Add $25 for sizes 10-20 square feet or more.

*You are responsible for providing the correct measurements for any built-from-scratch screens. Sorry, we do not build screen doors at this time.

FREE pick up and delivery within Stapleton!

$1 per mile for pick up and delivery outside of Stapleton, each direction, starting at the Stapleton border. Of course, you are always welcome to drop off and pick up your screens to save this fee.